Why Powerlifting Is Better Than Bodybuilding! + Introduction For Powerlifting Beginners

There are two main categories of weight training: strength and muscle building. The best way to know which one is better? See who can lift the most weight. Powerlifting involves the use of your entire body to lift as much weight as you can in a single lifting. If you’ve ever seen strongmen and weightlifters, you’ll know that they have big muscles from all the working out they do. Powerlifting has less emphasis on how much you weigh but more about how much force your muscles can produce. That’s why it’s better than bodybuilding! Powerlifting is a form of competitive strength-based sports in which competitors attempt to break a barbell loaded on a squat rack by squatting against it and then standing back up; usually abbreviated as “snatch” or “clean and jerk” respectively. Powerlifting evolved from Olympic Weightlifting, which in turn has roots in the 19th century sport of Strongman events (such as Atlas Stone). In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about powerlifting: the rules, equipment, exercises, training programs and more!

What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a sport that consists of three lifts: the squat, bench press and deadlift. These exercises are performed in a competition to establish which lifter has the most amount of weight lifted in each lift within a given number of repetitions. The first recognized powerlifting event was held in 1947 by Dr. Fred Hatfield, but it wasn’t until the late 1960s when powerlifting started to become more well known throughout North America and Europe.

Powerlifting Equipment

In order to compete in a powerlifting meet, you will need to use the following equipment: a barbell and weights (typically dumbbells), a squat rack, and bench. If you’re not sure what kind of barbell you should be using, here are some tips: -A lifting bar is recommended for beginners. This type of bar has a center knurling that helps prevent it from slipping out of your hands when lifting heavy weights or performing wide squats with the bar. -An Olympic lifting bar is recommended if you have experience swinging heavy weights around with ease. It has more weightlifting holes than the standard bar and will provide greater stability during lifts like the bench press and overhead squat. -A specialty powerlifting bar is designed with extra grips or holes for specific exercises such as cleans or snatches. These bars provide added safety and stability during difficult lifts like these ones, which may be helpful for those who are just starting their training journey.

The Rules of Powerlifting

Every powerlifting competition has a set of rules. Every lifter’s goal is to make the heaviest weight on the barbell possible. The rules are as follows: 1. All lifts must be executed in the squat rack with a rigid barbell loaded to legal height and no more than 5 kilograms over that height. 2. Deadlift implements must have a maximum diameter of 23 centimeters (9 inches), or they will not be allowed in competition. 3. Bench press implements must have a maximum diameter of 20 centimeters (8 inches), or they will not be allowed in competition. 4. No competitor may use chalk or straps during the competition, but these tactics may be used during training for grip development and/or warming up before an attempt at a world record-breaking lift.

Popular Powerlifting Exercises

There are two main categories of weight training: strength and muscle building. The best way to know which one is better? See who can lift the most weight. Powerlifting involves the use of your entire body to lift as much weight as you can in a single lifting. If you’ve ever seen strongmen and weightlifters, you’ll know that they have big muscles from all the working out they do. Powerlifting has less emphasis on how much you weigh but more about how much force your muscles can produce. That’s why it’s better than bodybuilding! Powerlifting is a form of competitive strength-based sports in which competitors attempt to break a barbell loaded on a squat rack by squatting against it and then standing back up; usually abbreviated as “snatch” or “clean and jerk” respectively. The basic rules for powerlifting competitions are similar to those for Olympic weightlifting competitions: lift weights in three lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift) using the snatch or clean & jerk style (but not both); athletes may either “snatch” or “jerk” their own bodyweight; the athlete must be barefoot or wear shoes with no more than 3 inches of heel elevation; and athletes’ shoulders must be strapped in tight so that they stay at their sides during the lifts.

Strongman Training and Rep Scaling

The most important thing to remember when powerlifting is that you should never do the same weight for reps as for a certain amount of time. The distance between squatting and standing up is called “repetition duration”, but it isn’t necessarily the same in terms of weight. For example, if you are doing 135 pounds for 10 repetitions, you can do 95 pounds for 5 consecutive reps. In general, the more muscle mass you have on your body, the more weight you can lift per rep over time at a given intensity. But there are exceptions to this rule! For instance, one of the most famous powerlifters in history was bench pressing with 700 pounds — but he only did three reps with that weight. This is because his goal was to set a world record.


Powerlifting is a competitive strength sport in which weight is the primary means of determining the winner. The weight classes are divided by gender with an equal number of weight divisions. Powerlifting has been featured in the Olympics and is an official sport of the World Games.

How To Make A Successful YouTube Channel About Army And Soldiers

In today’s digital world, it seems that anything and everything has a presence online. Whether you’re looking to create and share video content, there is no better place to do so than…yes, you guess it right: YouTube.

Youtube screengrab

For all of the benefits that YouTube offers you or your company, trust me when I say that YouTube is among the top reasons why you should start using it today to make videos about the army or what so.

In this blog post we will discuss 10 great reasons as to why you should create a successful YouTube channel about army and soldiers.

That said, let’s take a look at the potential and pitfalls of creating a YouTube channel about army and soldiers so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right path for you in the coming weeks or months, and eventually, how to make the YouTube channel successful.

YouTube is The Best For Videos

YouTube is a great platform for video reach because it has an audience of more than one billion people. The other key benefit of YouTube is that you can use it to increase your brand’s reach, too. A lot of businesses are starting to use paid advertising on YouTube to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

For example, if you have a product or service related to military, law enforcement or survival training, then you may want to consider using paid advertising on YouTube or create YouTube content to drive traffic to your website. This will help you achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently without having to spend too much time and money on SEO efforts that may not be as effective as they should be.

There Is A Lot of Demand For Videos About Army And Soldiers

soldiers on top of battle tanks

Another key benefit of creating a successful YouTube channel about army and soldiers is the lack of competition in this niche market. Although there are more than 1 billion people on YouTube, still 100 million people watch videos about army and soldiers each month, but there are not so many established channels. This means that this market is less competitive than others such as real estate or personal finance content. These factors make building up a large following much easier on YouTube when compared to the other over saturated niches!

According to a studies, the number of people worldwide who watch videos on YouTube has increased to more than 1 billion. This shows that there is a lot of demand for videos in general and therefore about army and soldiers too. Plus, just in the United States, there are nearly 250 million people who visit YouTube every month. That’s huge!

Not to mention the fact that (unfortunately) army, war and so on made the news more and more lately, and as we all know human nature, they will keep doing so.

So if you’re looking to make a successful YouTube channel about army and soldiers, wait no further. It doesn’t matter whether you have a background in military history or if you’re a professional military person because chances are good that there is an audience out there for your channel!

You Can Earn Money With Videos About Army And Soldiers

2 boys standing beside brown jeep wrangler

One of the most important aspects of YouTube is that you can earn money from them. Creating videos related to army and soldiers is the perfect way to make money with something you love. You don’t have to worry about having a website or building an online store because you can simply earn cash by producing videos on your YouTube channel.

You Can Share Your Perspective And Influence

Another great benefit of creating videos about army, war and soldiers is that it provides you a chance to share your perspective on how things work nowadays, and why not, educate and influence people positively. And in addition, when people view these videos, chances are high that they will share them with their friends through social media so that they can spread the word even more than just YouTube!

Also, if your YouTube videos are high-quality and well-written, they will stay on a viewer’s mind for much longer than any other medium. The quality of videos you create is a big factor in determining how long your videos will stay on people’s minds.

Google Ads Are Great For Getting Views Immediately

person holding assault rifle

One of the biggest issues that YouTube channel owners face is the lack of views after uploading a few videos. They started with big expectations, but not getting views is for many a huge motivation killer and people stop making videos.

But, we make videos about army and soldier, and you need to be a soldier. You need to push through the beginning of your journey when views will barely come.

But if you really need views for motivation and get things going, good news for you: Google Ads!

Yes, whether your target audience is male, female, under 18yrs or over 34yrs old, you will be able to get the right people to see your content. Google Ads are a legal way to promote your video to real people and based on their interests too.

Making a Google Ads campaign for your YouTube videos is very easy but, even if you struggle or don’t want to go through the process, many companies will make and optimize Google ads views campaigns for you. For our YouTube channel we used Lenostube and the results were very pleasing!

Videos with human touch are more effective than automated ones

woman in white shirt standing beside gray sedan

According to a study done by The New York Times, videos with a human touch are more effective. The study revealed that videos without a human touch were only able to be viewed around 30 percent of the time. This is because video viewers want to feel like they are part of the experience and that they can relate to the content being shown. With this in mind, it’s important when creating your YouTube channel about army and soldiers that you always include a human touch in your videos, be it a human voice, person vlogging or whatever.

Build A Community

soldiers in truck

Another great benefit of having an account on YouTube is that there are so many people who are already watching the video content that you produce. With this in mind, creating highly-engaging video content can help increase the number of views on your videos and build viewership quickly. And with enough views, even if your audience isn’t huge yet, it will grow into something big!

So, what are you waiting? We need more quality channels that talk about army, soldiers and all in between. So if you like video creation and you have some great content idea, you should start a YouTube channel and enter this niche.

Hopefully, it will be a fortune both for you and the community of viewers!

The Deadlift Is Brutal Beyond Imagination for the army.

This is a fantastic military drill to do at home. Shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes are all strengthened. This exercise also strengthens the back muscles. Kettlebells or a weighted bar can be used to deadlift. If you don’t even have any, a hefty bag will suffice. Raise it to your chin, maintaining your legs apart and your back straight. A 2:1:2 tempo should be your goal. This means it should take two seconds to raise the weight, one second to keep it at your chin, and two seconds to lower it. You may complete as many rounds of ten repetitions as you like.

topless man in black shorts carrying black dumbbell

When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, the lift is an exercise that should not be overlooked. When done correctly, it can and will help us get closer to the better, stronger, and much more muscular physique we desire. The deadlift is a weight-lifting exercise in which you must literally pull a dead load off the ground. It’s been around for a long time, and it’s been used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other well-known athletes to boost their athletic talents, performance, and size. Stay with us if you still don’t think deadlifts are for you. 

The deadlift, unlike many other exercises that target a single muscle group, works your entire body. It works your upper (back, shoulders, and arms) and lower (glutes or buttocks, quads, hamstrings, and calves), as well as your abdominals. One of the greatest benefits of this workout is that it is a filled blaster. When you only have a short amount of time or only need to do one workout to test your entire body, that’s the one to do.

Resistance exercise can enhance testosterone levels in our bodies naturally, although not as much as strength training and squats. The reason for this is that as muscle fibers are recruited, testosterone and growth hormones naturally increase in our bodies, and since deadlifts target more muscle groups than any other exercise, they also recruit more fiber. That’s why deadlifts come in first on my list of the best exercises to increase testosterone levels, followed by squats.

Resistance and weightlifting are well-known for assisting in the loss of fat and body weight. Now all you have to do is add the information together. Fat loss is aided by resistance training. Because the deadlift engages more different muscles than every exercise, it demands more effort when performed. This necessitates the body burning more calories or fuel. With the right diet, deadlifts can be an effective weight-loss or fat-loss strategy.

This exercise will boost our hand function by a mile if we don’t use equipment like wraps when executing deadlifts! You might be wondering why grip strength is so crucial. Grip strength is crucial in a variety of sports, including bodybuilding. Our forearms are the conduits through which we can transfer our muscle mass to the bar, machine, or dumbbells. Especially when attempting to pull anything. Try chin-ups without using a strong grip. Even if your biceps and shoulders say yes, your forearms will give out after a few reps. Our wrists and hands adapt to the weight we’re pulling by doing deadlifts, creating them stronger. As a result, our grip strength improves.

How Military Push-Ups Hard?

Exercise is an essential component of living a healthy lifestyle. It comes with a slew of advantages. To begin with, it aids in the reduction of stress. This helps to keep negative symptoms like despair and anxiety at bay. Exercise also helps to maintain your body in shape. This strengthens your defensive system which makes you more productive in your daily activities. There are many different types of exercises you can do. Military personnel is among the most trustworthy in the world. The armed services have been partaking in specialized exercise routines for hundreds of years. This is done to maintain the soldiers healthy and prepared to perform at their best whenever they are called upon. There are several military workouts that you may do at home on a daily basis to improve your fitness and wellness. For a better body and mind try Push-ups.

The push-up is a key component of any efficient fitness plan. It’s a simple but effective strength-building exercise. Push-ups can be a terrific method to improve your level of fitness without having to buy any training equipment, pay for a subscription, or rely on anything except your own weight to achieve results. Are you curious about some of the numerous reasons whether you should include push-ups in your everyday routine? We’re here to assist you. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of how to do a push-up before going over the seven benefits of doing push-ups on a daily basis.

Push-ups not only strengthen muscles but also aid to improve the supporting structures of your body. Regular push-ups, for example, will help strengthen the elbows and shoulders over time since they entail movement at those joints. Push-ups are also good for improving and maintaining bone strength because they are a bodyweight workout. Push-ups are a wonderful supplement to any strength training plan because of these advantages.


Push-ups are also a good way to raise your heart rate. Push-ups are typically used to increase muscular strength, but they can also benefit your cardiovascular health. Remember that push-ups work numerous muscles at the same time. To pump adequate oxygenated blood throughout your body, your heart will have to work harder. Push-ups will keep your heart strong if you do them regularly, making them a perfect supplement to any HIIT (high-intensity interval training) plan.

What is the Army’s Hardcore Fitness Test?

This exam is more difficult, and it is designed to make sure America’s military superiority in the long run. This isn’t a joke. Check out what it takes to join the Army and battle if you think you’re fit enough. The Army’s new gender- and age-neutral Combat Physical Test, which has more activities and less time for rest than the service’s current PT test, will be mandatory for all soldiers.

According to Sergeant Major of the Army, the Army has not yet decided what requirements soldiers must reach on each of the test’s six events, or whether troops will be given alternate exams if they fail any or all of the events.

“We don’t need to hurry into this, and we won’t,” Dailey explained. “The chief of staff and secretary have been clear that we will take a year to analyze this within our organizations,” said the chief of staff. According to the Army Institute for Initial Military Training’s head, Maj. Gen., the test will consist of six events that will be finished in 50 minutes or less. There are three events in the current fitness and strength exam. Soldiers will begin with a three-time strength deadlift, according to Frost, who spoke at a media round table. The soldiers will next hurl a medicine ball over their heads as far as they can.

Soldiers will then perform a set of push-ups, lifting their arms off the ground once each push-up is completed.

According to him, the fourth event is a 250-meter “sprint/drag/carry,” in which soldiers must dash, pull a 90-pound sled backward, run lateral, carry two 45-pound free weights, and sprint again. The soldiers will next hang parallel to a pullup bar, bringing their legs or thighs up to their elbows, according to Frost. The 2-mile run is the final event.

man in green and brown camouflage uniform holding rifle

According to Frost, the test takes roughly 37 minutes in total and fifteen minutes of rest. After the first five events, soldiers are given a two-minute respite, followed by a 5 break before the 2-mile run. Soldiers get around 20 minutes of rest for every 15 to 20 minutes of work in the present physical fitness exam. According to Frost, the Military will put the new combat capability exam through a trial phase before adopting it as the new PT test of record.

The Military will spend a year preparing for and taking the battle fitness exam, collecting data that will enable the Army to create standards for each test based on the unit and Army Occupational Specialty of the soldier. “Occupational standards with a greater physical demand will be scrutinized more closely as to a higher moral standard because that’s what your job as a soldier requires of you in combat.”

Military Physical Fitness Tests From Around the World’s Most Difficult Moves

Entering any component of the military services is a massive undertaking that necessitates extensive training and top performance. Before you can join any of them, you must first complete a series of military physical fitness exams that will test your strength and stamina.
There is a particularly difficult category of assessments for special operations forces and is as exclusive as it gets, among these exams.

What’s the bottom line? Over the course of multiple events, test your stamina, quickness, agility, and strength. The following five tests consistently rank at the top of lists of army fitness and strength exams from throughout the world:

UK Special Air Services

According to Men’s Health UK, only roughly 15% of persons who participate in the SAS’s physical fitness examinations are able to accomplish the eight exercises below. The SAS was founded in 1941 and is one of the world’s oldest special forces units.

  • More than 45 push-ups
  • More than 45 sit-ups.
  • 1.5-mile run in under 9:30 minutes
  • Jump from a 10m tower into water
  • 25m water swim in full uniform holding weapon
  • 200m swim in uniform with 5-minute water tread
  • Underwater object retrieval and dive test
  • 8-mile hill run in less than 60 minutes

India’s Para Special Forces

The training curriculum for India’s Para Special Forces takes over three years, and only roughly one out of every ten applicants completes it. This is the result of their last physical fitness test.

  • 5,000m run in under 20 mins
  • 14 strict chin-ups.
  • 40 push-ups in under 1 min
  • 80 sit-ups in under 2 mins
  • 17 x 5-meter shuttle run.

US Delta Force

The physical fitness test that candidates must pass before entering the United States Army’s special operations force is no laughing matter. Here’s the first test, according to Men’s Health UK.

  • 40m inverted crawl in under 25 secs
  • 37 sit-ups in 1 min
  • 32 push-ups in 1 min
  •  A run, dodge, jump course in under 24 secs
  • 2-mile run in under 16:30 mins
  • 100m swim (fully dressed, including jumpsuit)

How hard is military plank exercise?

Army crawling planks are a fantastic core body workout that strengthens and challenges your arms and shoulders as well as your core muscles. You will discover how to stabilize yourself during movements and add power to your biceps, chest, and shoulders if you master how to do army crawling planks.

Stabilization is a phrase in fitness that is frequently forgotten. It may not be as spectacular as 6 abs or muscular thighs, but it is crucial to the growth and endurance of the rest of the body. You may learn to maintain your mid-section steady no matter what the rest of the body is doing by pulling in your lower ab muscles. This is a crucial aspect of performing the army crawling plank correctly. While traveling down and up, try to remain as still as possible. Pretend you’re carrying a cup of water over your back and don’t want it to spill. It’s difficult! All the while, you’re helping to shape your abs and strengthen your back. This is a decision which is well worth your consideration.

As all of this core movement is going on and strengthening your core, your hands are getting a tremendous workout as well! For your shoulders and arms, pressing your weight up and down is a difficult task. This is a significantly greater difficulty for most of us than a set of weights.

Army crawling planks are a core body exercise first and foremost. While moving between your hands and forearms, this technique forces your body to tense and stabilize all of your core muscles. Army crawl planks help to form and strengthen your shoulders. The deltoid is the largest of numerous muscles that make up the shoulder. The deltoid is the muscle that most people want to strengthen since it is the nicely shaped, powerful presence of the shoulder.

The usage of core muscles in military crawl planks also helps to maintain a healthy low back. Learning to pull in your transversus technically called – or low ab tissue – will teach your force to shield and reinforce the area around your lower back. Plank exercises are well-known for promoting a strong and healthy low back.

The steps to doing an army crawl plank are as follows:

1) Start in a plank position, with your shoulder over your wrists, feet together, and body in a single direction.

2) Fold your left arm into a plank position with your forearms.

3) Finally, fold your right arm into a full forearm plank position.

4) As you push with your palm to lift yourself, lift your left hand and place it on the mattress just below your shoulder.

5) As you near the top, rest your right palm on the ground beneath your shoulder blade and return to a complete plank. Rep with the right shoulder leading.

How Many Calories Are Burned by Army Crawl Planks?

People frequently inquire about how many calories they burn during their workouts. For every Ten minutes of high-intensity activity, you’ll burn roughly 100 calories. Army crawl planks are a complicated task that gets your heart rate up and your muscles working!

Why is it so hard for an army to do a squat?

The squat is a complex exercise, which means it engages many muscle groups and involves numerous joints. The quadriceps and buttocks are the key muscles engaged in the movement.  The muscular in your hamstring and flexor fire as well during the eccentric component of the action, or the lower portion of the squat. He claims that squats also engage the muscle around the knee, which helps to build endurance and prevent injury. Your workouts fire throughout the action to keep you stable.

You’re also training your upper body when you do a weighted squat, whether with dumbbells in a back squat, two weights in a front squat, or a barbell in either a back or front squat. This is because the technique necessitates isometric weight holding or a static muscle function with no movement.

Heavy squats, like other forms of massive amounts of physical activity, are good for your bones: they help you create stronger bones, which can help you avoid low bone mass or fracture as you get older.

Bodyweight squats are a good way to get the squat movement down before you start to add weight. Squats should be performed with the appropriate form to reduce the chance of damage during the action.

Here’s everything you need to know about squatting properly, as well as how to prevent some typical squatting errors.

1. Take a squat position.

Before you squat, make sure you’re in an appropriate squat position: your feet should be around shoulder-width apart.  There is no specific rule for how your feet should be positioned; it will vary depending on anatomical variances, but a decent rule of thumb is that they should be turned out between 5 and 30 degrees. As a result, instead of facing directly ahead, your feet will curve out somewhat, the amount of which will depend on your level of comfort and mobility.

2. Plant your feet firmly on the ground.

 Digging your feet below ground helps you engage your muscles, enhance your alignment, and build ground stability. It will also keep your arch from sagging, which can cause your knees to cave inwards to squatting.  

3. Maintain a high chest position.

Squats require your upper body as well. Keep your chest high and proud. This will prevent you from rounding your shoulder and upper back, which might overstretch your spine, particularly if you’re squatting with the load on your back.

4. Begin the movement by initiating it.

When you’re ready to squat, bend your knees and pull your hips back to begin the activity. For the descent, brace your core and maintain it tensed throughout the movement. Make sure the eccentric element of the movement is under control.  Take a few moments to lower yourself rather than racing through it. This will increase the amount of time your muscles are under strain, forcing them to work harder.  Inhale as you lower, and your legs should track lateral above your first or second toe as you squat down. If you track too far in, your knees will collapse inward, and if you track too far out, your knees will be overworked.

5. When you get to parallel, take a breath.

There’s a lot of debate regarding how low you should squat, the average exerciser should aim for comparable depth with their squats. That implies your thighs’ backs will be parallel with the floor.  Pause for a second once you’ve reached the bottom of the squat so you don’t utilize momentum to propel yourself back up.

6. Drive through your heels when standing. 

Make sure your feet stay grounded throughout the squat, paying special emphasis to drive through your heels on the way back up. This will activate your posterior chain, or back muscles, such as your hamstrings and glutes. When driving through your heels, some people have a tendency to pick up their toes, but you should make sure your entire foot stays firmly on the ground. Your big toe is actually incredibly crucial in glute activation. You should also exhale on your way back up. It’s critical to remember to breathe during the move, inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. You don’t want to be holding your breath at all.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable training in the army.

When it comes to developing mental toughness, this is unquestionably the most important factor. A person does not magically become able to stay calm overnight, nor do they become mentally tough after being inspired one day. Every day, you work on it. In the spirit of the mantra “feeling comfortable being uncomfortable,” here are some examples of small ways you can begin to develop mental toughness for any task you face in life.

Wake up early: Whatever the reason for getting up early, it is challenging to get over a warm bed at 03:30. Exercising, running, sports team practice (first of two a day), accomplishing coursework, or working a job you dislike. These are all examples of daily mental toughness building. This can be performed immediately in high school to prepare for post-secondary options. You’re never too old to move when you really shouldn’t feel like it.

Different types of diving: Anyone serving in the army or a special operations program is going to be uncomfortable in numerous ways. You must accept the fact that there was anything you can do about it except accept it as a part of yourself. Every day at Learn these skills, we were soaked and sand-caked. After training, it was strange not even have sand in my clothes or even my bed, which was strange to experience. It is essential to overcome a phobia of height and water in order to develop grit determination and confidence in order to grow in life.

Find ways to relax: After winning a race on the 3rd and 4th day of Hell Week, people choose to recuperate even though “it benefits to be a winner.” You and your BUD/S classmates establish a spooning configuration for 10-15 minutes while the instructor lays an abandoned inner tube over your team. Your team’s body heat acts as a tent, keeping you warm. But though you are soaked and lying in the sand, you are perhaps the most relaxed you have ever been. You’ve made it if you can find comfort in a sea of misery.

So chase your objective and be uncomfortable. Watch your confidence rise and your mental toughness increase. That’s how you acquire mental toughness — everyday labor and not idleness.

Do or Die – Confidence Training!!

 If there’s one great challenge that the military academy is famous for in the Indian Army, it’s confidence training at the Lido tank. The school leader is simply a Spanish word for an outdoor pool, and the fundamental notion of small comes into play while keeping the fear of heights in mind. This test is broken into two sections: the first is a multiple-choice question and the second is a short answer question. The commandos face their first obstacle when they slide. The commandos must fall down from such a 30 feet broad basis with their bodies in a perfect L position. 

There are three parts to this challenge: part one is the confidence walk, in which they must move across such a 1/4 narrow beam put on probation 50 feet above the leader tank; part two is the monkey crawl, in which they must crawl across a rope suspended 55 feet above the leader tank; and part three is the leader jump, in which the commandos must form a perfect L position with their bodies. For commander Nashawn, this is familiar territory; if they fail the last test in the last week, of course, they might not always pass the course from day three onward. They must give their best foot forward for him. In reality, what appears to be a waterpark slide is a highly crucial test to boost the courage of our soldiers so that they can achieve the do-or-die spirit that our commandos have become famous for.

Confidence is essential for a leader and teams to succeed. Your self-assurance is spreading and quickly spreads throughout the entire organization, which is especially important in crisis situations. In combat, you can assist Soldiers in maintaining their composure while minimizing team concern.