When it comes to developing mental toughness, this is unquestionably the most important factor. A person does not magically become able to stay calm overnight, nor do they become mentally tough after being inspired one day. Every day, you work on it. In the spirit of the mantra “feeling comfortable being uncomfortable,” here are some examples of small ways you can begin to develop mental toughness for any task you face in life.

Wake up early: Whatever the reason for getting up early, it is challenging to get over a warm bed at 03:30. Exercising, running, sports team practice (first of two a day), accomplishing coursework, or working a job you dislike. These are all examples of daily mental toughness building. This can be performed immediately in high school to prepare for post-secondary options. You’re never too old to move when you really shouldn’t feel like it.

Different types of diving: Anyone serving in the army or a special operations program is going to be uncomfortable in numerous ways. You must accept the fact that there was anything you can do about it except accept it as a part of yourself. Every day at Learn these skills, we were soaked and sand-caked. After training, it was strange not even have sand in my clothes or even my bed, which was strange to experience. It is essential to overcome a phobia of height and water in order to develop grit determination and confidence in order to grow in life.

Find ways to relax: After winning a race on the 3rd and 4th day of Hell Week, people choose to recuperate even though “it benefits to be a winner.” You and your BUD/S classmates establish a spooning configuration for 10-15 minutes while the instructor lays an abandoned inner tube over your team. Your team’s body heat acts as a tent, keeping you warm. But though you are soaked and lying in the sand, you are perhaps the most relaxed you have ever been. You’ve made it if you can find comfort in a sea of misery.

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So chase your objective and be uncomfortable. Watch your confidence rise and your mental toughness increase. That’s how you acquire mental toughness — everyday labor and not idleness.