In today’s digital world, it seems that anything and everything has a presence online. Whether you’re looking to create and share video content, there is no better place to do so than…yes, you guess it right: YouTube.

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For all of the benefits that YouTube offers you or your company, trust me when I say that YouTube is among the top reasons why you should start using it today to make videos about the army or what so.

In this blog post we will discuss 10 great reasons as to why you should create a successful YouTube channel about army and soldiers.

That said, let’s take a look at the potential and pitfalls of creating a YouTube channel about army and soldiers so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right path for you in the coming weeks or months, and eventually, how to make the YouTube channel successful.

YouTube is The Best For Videos

YouTube is a great platform for video reach because it has an audience of more than one billion people. The other key benefit of YouTube is that you can use it to increase your brand’s reach, too. A lot of businesses are starting to use paid advertising on YouTube to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

For example, if you have a product or service related to military, law enforcement or survival training, then you may want to consider using paid advertising on YouTube or create YouTube content to drive traffic to your website. This will help you achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently without having to spend too much time and money on SEO efforts that may not be as effective as they should be.

There Is A Lot of Demand For Videos About Army And Soldiers

soldiers on top of battle tanks

Another key benefit of creating a successful YouTube channel about army and soldiers is the lack of competition in this niche market. Although there are more than 1 billion people on YouTube, still 100 million people watch videos about army and soldiers each month, but there are not so many established channels. This means that this market is less competitive than others such as real estate or personal finance content. These factors make building up a large following much easier on YouTube when compared to the other over saturated niches!

According to a studies, the number of people worldwide who watch videos on YouTube has increased to more than 1 billion. This shows that there is a lot of demand for videos in general and therefore about army and soldiers too. Plus, just in the United States, there are nearly 250 million people who visit YouTube every month. That’s huge!

Not to mention the fact that (unfortunately) army, war and so on made the news more and more lately, and as we all know human nature, they will keep doing so.

So if you’re looking to make a successful YouTube channel about army and soldiers, wait no further. It doesn’t matter whether you have a background in military history or if you’re a professional military person because chances are good that there is an audience out there for your channel!

You Can Earn Money With Videos About Army And Soldiers

2 boys standing beside brown jeep wrangler

One of the most important aspects of YouTube is that you can earn money from them. Creating videos related to army and soldiers is the perfect way to make money with something you love. You don’t have to worry about having a website or building an online store because you can simply earn cash by producing videos on your YouTube channel.

You Can Share Your Perspective And Influence

Another great benefit of creating videos about army, war and soldiers is that it provides you a chance to share your perspective on how things work nowadays, and why not, educate and influence people positively. And in addition, when people view these videos, chances are high that they will share them with their friends through social media so that they can spread the word even more than just YouTube!

Also, if your YouTube videos are high-quality and well-written, they will stay on a viewer’s mind for much longer than any other medium. The quality of videos you create is a big factor in determining how long your videos will stay on people’s minds.

Google Ads Are Great For Getting Views Immediately

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One of the biggest issues that YouTube channel owners face is the lack of views after uploading a few videos. They started with big expectations, but not getting views is for many a huge motivation killer and people stop making videos.

But, we make videos about army and soldier, and you need to be a soldier. You need to push through the beginning of your journey when views will barely come.

But if you really need views for motivation and get things going, good news for you: Google Ads!

Yes, whether your target audience is male, female, under 18yrs or over 34yrs old, you will be able to get the right people to see your content. Google Ads are a legal way to promote your video to real people and based on their interests too.

Making a Google Ads campaign for your YouTube videos is very easy but, even if you struggle or don’t want to go through the process, many companies will make and optimize Google ads views campaigns for you. For our YouTube channel we used Lenostube and the results were very pleasing!

Videos with human touch are more effective than automated ones

woman in white shirt standing beside gray sedan

According to a study done by The New York Times, videos with a human touch are more effective. The study revealed that videos without a human touch were only able to be viewed around 30 percent of the time. This is because video viewers want to feel like they are part of the experience and that they can relate to the content being shown. With this in mind, it’s important when creating your YouTube channel about army and soldiers that you always include a human touch in your videos, be it a human voice, person vlogging or whatever.

Build A Community

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Another great benefit of having an account on YouTube is that there are so many people who are already watching the video content that you produce. With this in mind, creating highly-engaging video content can help increase the number of views on your videos and build viewership quickly. And with enough views, even if your audience isn’t huge yet, it will grow into something big!

So, what are you waiting? We need more quality channels that talk about army, soldiers and all in between. So if you like video creation and you have some great content idea, you should start a YouTube channel and enter this niche.

Hopefully, it will be a fortune both for you and the community of viewers!