This exam is more difficult, and it is designed to make sure America’s military superiority in the long run. This isn’t a joke. Check out what it takes to join the Army and battle if you think you’re fit enough. The Army’s new gender- and age-neutral Combat Physical Test, which has more activities and less time for rest than the service’s current PT test, will be mandatory for all soldiers.

According to Sergeant Major of the Army, the Army has not yet decided what requirements soldiers must reach on each of the test’s six events, or whether troops will be given alternate exams if they fail any or all of the events.

“We don’t need to hurry into this, and we won’t,” Dailey explained. “The chief of staff and secretary have been clear that we will take a year to analyze this within our organizations,” said the chief of staff. According to the Army Institute for Initial Military Training’s head, Maj. Gen., the test will consist of six events that will be finished in 50 minutes or less. There are three events in the current fitness and strength exam. Soldiers will begin with a three-time strength deadlift, according to Frost, who spoke at a media round table. The soldiers will next hurl a medicine ball over their heads as far as they can.

Soldiers will then perform a set of push-ups, lifting their arms off the ground once each push-up is completed.

According to him, the fourth event is a 250-meter “sprint/drag/carry,” in which soldiers must dash, pull a 90-pound sled backward, run lateral, carry two 45-pound free weights, and sprint again. The soldiers will next hang parallel to a pullup bar, bringing their legs or thighs up to their elbows, according to Frost. The 2-mile run is the final event.

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According to Frost, the test takes roughly 37 minutes in total and fifteen minutes of rest. After the first five events, soldiers are given a two-minute respite, followed by a 5 break before the 2-mile run. Soldiers get around 20 minutes of rest for every 15 to 20 minutes of work in the present physical fitness exam. According to Frost, the Military will put the new combat capability exam through a trial phase before adopting it as the new PT test of record.

The Military will spend a year preparing for and taking the battle fitness exam, collecting data that will enable the Army to create standards for each test based on the unit and Army Occupational Specialty of the soldier. “Occupational standards with a greater physical demand will be scrutinized more closely as to a higher moral standard because that’s what your job as a soldier requires of you in combat.”