If there’s one great challenge that the military academy is famous for in the Indian Army, it’s confidence training at the Lido tank. The school leader is simply a Spanish word for an outdoor pool, and the fundamental notion of small comes into play while keeping the fear of heights in mind. This test is broken into two sections: the first is a multiple-choice question and the second is a short answer question. The commandos face their first obstacle when they slide. The commandos must fall down from such a 30 feet broad basis with their bodies in a perfect L position. 

There are three parts to this challenge: part one is the confidence walk, in which they must move across such a 1/4 narrow beam put on probation 50 feet above the leader tank; part two is the monkey crawl, in which they must crawl across a rope suspended 55 feet above the leader tank; and part three is the leader jump, in which the commandos must form a perfect L position with their bodies. For commander Nashawn, this is familiar territory; if they fail the last test in the last week, of course, they might not always pass the course from day three onward. They must give their best foot forward for him. In reality, what appears to be a waterpark slide is a highly crucial test to boost the courage of our soldiers so that they can achieve the do-or-die spirit that our commandos have become famous for.

Confidence is essential for a leader and teams to succeed. Your self-assurance is spreading and quickly spreads throughout the entire organization, which is especially important in crisis situations. In combat, you can assist Soldiers in maintaining their composure while minimizing team concern.

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